Eye Of Anis ご利用規約:

1.Eye Of Anis会員パスワードを非会員に流用しないでください。
Please do NOT share your member ID and password to anyone else.

Do not share the protected “member only contents” to social network systems or non members.

3.迷惑行為などがあった場合、Eye Of Anisが強制退会の権利を持つことを予めご理解ください。
Eye Of Anis holds the right to disable the membership if a member causes trouble in the community.

4.Eye Of Anisのルールは変更や追加されることがあります。予めご了承下さい。
Please understand that the rules at Eye Of Anis could be modified or added at any time.

We do not refund a monthly subscription once it has started. Once you cancel the subscription, you won’t be able to log in even if the 30days has not been finished. Please choose the timing of cancellation on your behalf.

Please contact us if you desire to unsubscribe. We will guide you through the process.
Please join with a joyful and considerate attitude towards other members.

EOA might use screenshots or videos recorded at Zoom Events. In that case we will blur your name to respect your privacy.

By becoming EOA member, you have agreed to our terms and conditions.